Bounce High at WPI

At WPI Bouncy Castles this is what we say to our customers all year round. It's starting to become a phrase that the children say to us as we arrive with the inflatable for their party.

We are quite new to the business this time around you could say. My husband ran an inflatable hire company many years ago loved it very much and therefore we decided we would do it again. So now we have been running about 3 years and it’s been a great start to our business.

I was brought up in Pudsey and lived for many years in Beeston, Leeds, yes not far from Leigh Francis (Keith Lemon) and have worked in schools for many years and absolutely adore working with children. Since moving to South Yorkshire, I wanted to continue working for the younger ones, providing entertainment and loads of Fun.

Competition time as I’m feeling really generous at the start of the year which is certain to be booked up early. Over the next 5 weeks between 19th of Feb until 24th March we are offering a massive 20% off every booking. That’s 20% off any booking that comes in between these dates, doesn’t matter when the party is.

So, if your party is in JUNE and you book between 19th Feb (today) and 24th March you will still get your discount.

All you have to do is:

Call the number 07515061223 or 07932847431 and quote reference WPI–Bouncy Castle and receive your hire at 20% less than the already low price.

Lorraine (WPI – Bouncy Castles)

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